A Heavenly Showdown on the Fairway

Father Michael, another parish priest, was also an avid golfer. One sunny Sunday, he faced the same dilemma as Father Jeremy. The weather was perfect for golf, and the temptation was strong.

But Father Michael, having heard about Father Jeremy’s unusual punishment, decided to take a different approach. He went to the golf course and, before teeing off, looked up to the sky and said, “Dear Lord, I know it’s your day, and I should be preaching. But I just can’t resist this beautiful day. Please understand.”

To his surprise, a booming voice echoed from the heavens, “Michael, my son, I understand your love for the game. Play to your heart’s content, but I have one condition.”

Excited and curious, Father Michael asked, “What is it, Lord?”

God replied, “You must invite Father Jeremy to join you. It’s time for a heavenly rematch.”

And so, the two priests spent that Sunday on the golf course, enjoying the game under the watchful eyes and, perhaps, a chuckle from above.

When Two Priests’ Love for Golf Meets Divine Intervention

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