Sky-High Anniversary Surprise

John and Sarah, a couple married for 25 years, were preparing for their dream vacation from New York to Paris.

Excitement filled the air as they approached the airline check-in counter. However, their enthusiasm was met with a somber look from the agent. “I regret to inform you that the flight is fully booked,” the agent said, “and I’m afraid you won’t be seated together. John, your seat is 10A, and Sarah, yours is 38F.”

John raised an eyebrow and exchanged a knowing glance with Sarah. “Well, thank you for the heads-up. Do I need to swipe my credit card for this ‘distance fee’?” he jokingly asked.

The agent chuckled and replied, “No need, sir. Your lovely wife has already taken care of it. She even mentioned it’s a special anniversary gift for you.”

Amused, John turned to Sarah and teased, “I guess our love comes with a price tag, huh?”

Sarah winked and replied, “Oh, you know it, darling. A little extra legroom for me, and a little peace and quiet for you. Happy anniversary!” The couple laughed together, realizing that even in separate seats, their journey together was bound to be an adventure.

When Love Takes a Detour at 30,000 Feet

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