CEO’s Cost-Cutting Crusade: A Hasty Decision

On his first day as the new CEO, determined to trim unnecessary expenses, the executive scans the office for potential slackers. Spotting a guy leaning against a wall, he strides over and asks, “How much do you make each week?”

The guy, looking surprised but respectful, replies, “I earn around $500 per week, sir. Why do you ask?” Without missing a beat, the CEO asserts, “Just wait right here!” He disappears into the Finance Department, returning with a handful of cash.

Handing the guy $2.000, the CEO commands, “Four weeks’ pay. Now, leave and don’t come back.” The guy, a bit confused but not one to turn down unexpected cash, hastily exits the office.

Feeling victorious, the CEO scans the room and challenges, “So, can anyone enlighten me on what that slacker did around here?” A voice from the back of the room loudly declares, “He was the Domino’s Pizza delivery guy.”

When the New Boss Mistook the Pizza Guy for a Slacker

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