The Tale of Box Number 8

A doctor had opened a new clinic and put up a sign on the door:

  • Consultation fee is 100 lira, and if we don’t cure the patient, we give them five times the amount back. The consultation was cheap, but the doctor was truly skilled; every patient who came left cured. The doctor’s reputation was growing day by day. A sly person decided to visit the doctor, not intending to get better and hoping to get five times the money back. He knocked on the door and explained his situation:
  • Doctor, I have no taste in my mouth, I feel so awful; I can’t taste anything. The doctor looked at the person and called the nurse:
  • Nurse, bring box number 8! The doctor handed the box to the person:
  • Try the taste of this. The person took a spoon from the box, put it in his mouth, and immediately spat it out:
  • But this is awful! The doctor smiled:
  • Yes, you’re cured; you can taste things now. The person paid the consultation fee, left, and was furious. A month later, with great anger, he returned to the doctor’s office with another complaint:
  • Doctor, I’m experiencing memory loss; I forget everything. The doctor looked at him and called the nurse again:
  • Nurse, bring box number 8, please. The person objected:
  • But there’s feces in that box! The doctor laughed:
  • Exactly, and look, your memory is back! The person tearfully paid the consultation fee and left. A few months later, still seeking revenge, he returned:
  • Doctor, I have erectile dysfunction; my situation is terrible, I can’t perform! The doctor examined the person and called the nurse:
  • Nurse, bring box number 8, please. The person, fueled by anger, began to swear:
  • Oh, come on! Screw you and your box number 8! The doctor joyfully shouted:
  • Congratulations, your problem is also solved; now you can perform!

A Tale of Wits and Unexpected Remedies

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