A Startling Surprise: When Family Secrets Collide

A man returns home early from work one afternoon to find his wife spread out on the bed piffing and panting.

‘What are you doing?’ the man inquires. ‘Err,’ stammers the wife. ‘I think I’m having a heart attack!’ ‘Oh,’ cries the hapless man, ‘I’ll call an ambulance right away!’

He rushes downstairs, grabs the phone, and starts dialing 911.

When his son Johnny comes crying into the room, he asks, ‘What’s wrong, son?’ ‘Uncle James is in the closet naked,’ replies the sobbing child.

Furious, the man runs upstairs, throws open the closet door, and finds his brother there stark naked, just as his son had said.

‘You son of a gun,’ yells the man. ‘My wife’s having a heart attack and you’re running around scaring Johnny!’

Heart Attacks, Naked Uncles, and the Unraveling of Family Drama

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