The Mop and the Mess: A Dean’s Ingenious Cleanup Lesson

At a university in Boston, Massachusetts, there was a peculiar issue arising among some of the students. A group of 20-year-old guys had developed a habit of leaving their dirty dishes in the communal kitchen sink.

Fed up with the constant mess, the janitor decided it was time to take action and complained to the wise old Dean of Students.

The Dean, known for her clever solutions, decided to address the issue in a memorable way. Armed with a mop and bucket, she gathered the guilty students in the kitchen.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the Dean began, holding up the mop, “our custodial staff has had enough of cleaning up after you. Let me show you the effort it takes to keep this place tidy.”

With that, she dipped the mop into the sink, swirling it around in the murky water, and proceeded to “clean” the kitchen counters.

From that day on, the kitchen stayed spotless. No dirty dishes were left behind.

Moral Story:

Sometimes, a hands-on lesson is all it takes to drive a point home. There are those who merely teach, and then there are those who educate by making a lasting impression.

Suds, Sponges, and Life Lessons: Dean’s Tactic for Tidy Dorm Kitchens

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