Skydiving Dilemma: Jake’s First Day in SEAL Training

Jake, a rookie in the Navy SEALs, slumped at the bar with a heavy sigh after his first day of SEAL training.

His friend, Mike, slid onto the stool beside him and asked, “What’s eating at you, Jake?”

“Just had my first day in SEAL training, and it was a disaster,” Jake lamented.

“Tell me what happened,” urged Mike.

“We reached the drop zone, the green light flashed, and we all hooked up to the jump line. Got to the door, and when it was my turn, I just couldn’t jump.”

Mike raised an eyebrow, “What went down next?”

“The drill sergeant went ballistic. He said, ‘Son, if you don’t jump right now, I’m gonna use you as a human punching bag!'”

“Did you jump?”

“Well, let’s say I got a crash course in SEAL-style skydiving!”

A Rookie’s Hesitation and an Unconventional Motivator

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