A Toast to Fertility and Feathers

A farmer walked into a local bar and decided to treat himself to a glass of champagne. To his surprise, the woman sitting next to him at the counter also ordered champagne.

“Well, isn’t this a delightful coincidence?” the farmer remarked. “I’m celebrating today for a very special reason.”

The woman, intrigued, replied, “What a small world! I’m celebrating too. Care to share why?”

Grinning, the farmer explained, “My hens have been struggling to lay eggs for the past year, but today is different – they’re all laying eggs again!”

The woman chuckled, “That’s wonderful! What changed?”

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, the farmer revealed, “I introduced a new rooster to the flock.”

The woman burst into laughter, clinking her glass with the farmer once more. “What a coincidence! I just found out I’m pregnant after trying for a baby with my husband!”

Amused by the unexpected twist of fate, they continued to toast to their coincidental celebrations.

When Champagne Flows and Chickens Hatch Surprises

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