Traffic Troubles: Tom’s Night Out

Tom and Emily were heading home from a party one evening when Tom got pulled over by the police.

The officer informed Tom that he was stopped because his brake light was out. Tom responded, “I apologize, officer. I had no idea. I’ll fix it right away.”

At that moment, Emily chimed in, saying, “I told you a few days ago to check those lights, Tom. This was bound to happen.”

The officer then requested Tom’s license, and upon examining it, he said, “Sir, your license has expired.”

Once again, Tom apologized, explaining that he hadn’t realized it had expired and promised to renew it first thing in the morning.

Emily interjected, “I reminded you a week ago about the letter the state sent, saying your license was expiring.”

Now a bit frustrated with his wife’s constant reminders, Tom exclaimed, “Emily, can you please be quiet!”

Curious, the officer leaned towards Emily and asked, “Does your husband always talk to you like that?”

Emily replied casually, “Only when he’s had a few too many drinks.”

A Comedic Journey of Brake Lights and Expired Licenses

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