Passionate Predicament

The distressed woman bursts into the doctor’s office, exclaiming, “Doctor, I’m desperate and need your expertise!”

The doctor, intrigued, asks, “What seems to be the issue?”

With a sigh, she confesses, “My husband just doesn’t satisfy my needs in the bedroom. What can I do?”

The doctor, slightly taken aback, suggests, “Well, has he seen a doctor?”

“He has, and he’s perfectly fine. It’s just not enough for me. You have to help me!”

Thinking on his feet, the doctor proposes, “Have you considered taking a lover?”

She responds, “I have! Still not enough.”

“Try another lover,” the doctor suggests.

“Did that. In fact, I have eight lovers now, and I still don’t get enough love!”

The doctor, scratching his head, remarks, “Gosh, that’s quite the anomaly.”

With pleading eyes, she implores, “Oh, Doctor! Please assure them it’s an anomaly! They keep calling me a ‘whore.'”

Doctor’s Dilemma: Seeking Satisfaction Beyond the Ordinary

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