Heavenly Bus Driver Chronicles

A bus driver arrives at heaven and says to Saint Peter, “I’m a bus driver; can I get into heaven too?”

Saint Peter replies, “Yes, but there’s a rule in heaven. If you insult someone, listen to arabesque music, or act stingy, we’ll kick you out of heaven.”

The bus driver happily enters. After a while, as he’s exploring heaven, he sees an old friend. His friend is swimming amidst golden cars and jewels.

The bus driver, puzzled, asks, “How is this happening? They let me in, and you’re here enjoying all this luxury. What are you doing here?”

His friend laughs and responds, “Remember the day we took that bus trip together? Everyone prayed, but you, at the wheel, lit a cigarette and said, ‘God forbid.’ Well, here are the results of your prayers!”

The bus driver, now a bit worried, asks, “But what about you? How did you end up with all these riches?”

His friend grins and says, “Oh, it turns out heavenly investments have great returns. You see, every time you swore at traffic, I bet someone up here that you would, and I’ve been collecting ever since!”

The bus driver, scratching his head, asks with a smirk, “So, you’re telling me you’re making a heavenly profit off my road rage?”

His friend nods gleefully, “That’s right! Turns out divine bets pay off big time. And for the record, they even had a pool going on how many times you’d honk at innocent clouds. Let’s just say, I’m not the only one enjoying the perks up here!”

Both friends burst into laughter, realizing that even in the afterlife, the road trip antics continue to provide endless entertainment.

Heavenly Bets and Road Trip Laughter in the Afterlife

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