Golfing Grandpa’s Course Conundrum

An elderly man found himself on the front nine of a particularly challenging golf course, and as he played, confusion arose about his current position. While examining the field, he noticed a woman playing in front of him. Determined to find out where he was, he decided to approach him.

With a friendly smile, he walked up to the lady and asked: “Excuse me, lady. I seem to have lost my way on this road. Can you help me figure out where I am?”

The lady was equally friendly: “Of course! I’d be happy to help. You’re on the eighth hole right now.”

Grateful for the information, the old man nodded and said: “Oh, thank you! Now I think I can go from here to the ninth hole.”

As he walked away, she couldn’t help but smile at the fascinating encounter, realizing that sometimes a friendly stranger is all you need to find your way around the golf course and beyond.

Navigating the Front Nine with a Friendly Twist

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