The Invisible Tutu Tale

Johnny joined the circus and, on his first day, they were handing out outfits to the performers. When it was Johnny’s turn, they had run out of costumes. The costume manager handed him a tutu and said, “This is a magic tutu. Spin around three times, say ‘Twirly, twirly, twirl,’ and you’ll be invisible.”

Johnny was skeptical but had no choice. He put on the tutu and headed to the center ring. Just as he was about to perform, the circus alarm blared – a lion had escaped.

In a panic, Johnny spun around three times, saying, “Twirly, twirly, twirl.” To his amazement, he vanished! He tiptoed around, having fun scaring his fellow performers.

Encouraged by his newfound magic, Johnny decided to play a prank on the lion tamer. He crept into the lion’s cage, feeling invincible. But as he approached the lion, it roared louder and louder.

Petrified, Johnny tried to spin around and say, “Twirly, twirly, twirl,” but it didn’t work. The lion stared at him, unamused. Johnny gulped and muttered, “Uh-oh, Invisible Johnny might need a Plan B.”

Moral of the story: Not all magic tricks work in every situation; sometimes, you need a solid backup plan!

When Circus Magic Takes an Unexpected Turn

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