The Culinary Mystery: The End of the Roast

John decides to surprise his wife with a special homemade dessert. He grabs his grandmother’s famous cookie recipe and gets to work. Just before placing the cookies in the oven, he cuts off a small portion from each end of the dough.

Curious, his wife asks, “Why did you cut off the ends of the cookie dough?”

John shrugs and says, “It’s a family tradition. My grandmother always did it, and I think it helps them bake more evenly.”

His wife raises an eyebrow, saying, “But we’re using a modern oven, and those cookies are a treat! Why waste any dough?”

Unsure himself, John decides to call his grandmother. “Grandma, why did you always cut off the ends of the cookie dough?”

His grandmother chuckles and replies, “Oh, sweetheart, that was just to fit the dough into my small baking sheets. It’s not a big deal for you, I’m sure.”

Amused by the revelation, John realizes that sometimes traditions are born out of practicality – even if the circumstances have changed over the years.

A Tale of Tradition, Superstition, and a Culinary Surprise

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