Mahkeme Salonu

One day, in a courtroom, a blonde lawyer was defending a thief. During the trial, the lawyer’s questions were quite amusing.

Lawyer: “Mr. Jones, these charges have nothing to do with you, correct?”

Thief: “Yes, I have nothing to do with it.”

Lawyer: “Alright. So, why did the police catch you at the crime scene?”

Thief: “Well, Mr. Lawyer, the police saw me and I tried to run.”

Lawyer: “I see. But think about the moment we’re in right now. You can’t run here. If you want, we can take a break, maybe you’ll have a chance to run then!”

The courtroom bursts into laughter for a moment. While the judge is chuckling, the blonde lawyer continues:

Lawyer: “Mr. Jones, can we make a deal about the theft charges?”

Thief looks puzzled, “A deal?”

Lawyer: “Yes, if you don’t consider admitting guilt, I can help you get a shorter prison sentence. But, of course, there will be a fee for my services.”

Thief: “I understand, Mr. Lawyer. But as a thief, where can I find the money for your fee?”

The courtroom erupts in laughter again, and the blonde lawyer manages to turn the trial into a lighthearted moment.

Finally, the judge declares, “Case closed! Let’s focus on the next trial,” ending the amusing session. As the thief leaves the courtroom, he turns to a friend and says, “I can’t believe how that lawyer turned everything into a comedy show!”

This joke captures the unexpected legal humor that had the courtroom in stitches.

A Hilarious Legal Showdown Between Wit and Justice

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