Funeral Prank: Clowning Around Afterlife

John, a devoted husband and a practical joker, had recently passed away. His wife, Mary, wanted to honor his sense of humor in his funeral.

She approached the funeral director and said, “My husband loved making people laugh. I want him to be remembered with a smile. Can we bury him with his favorite clown nose?”

The funeral director was puzzled but agreed to fulfill her request. On the day of the funeral, everyone gathered around the casket. Mary, with a tearful smile, placed a red clown nose on John’s face.

One of the mourners whispered to another, “That’s unusual. Why the clown nose?”

The second mourner replied, “Well, you know John always said, ‘I want to leave this world just as I lived in it – making people laugh.'”

Little did they know, John had one last laugh planned. As the funeral proceeded, Mary couldn’t hold back her laughter. The funeral director, confused, asked, “Why are you laughing at a time like this?”

Through giggles, Mary replied, “John’s last prank. He had a spare clown nose in his pocket.

A Widow’s Humorous Tribute: Clowning in the Afterlife

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