The Rabbit Rodeo: A Wild West Misadventure

Two Texan cowboys were exploring the vast prairies when they stumbled upon an enormous hole in the ground.

Staring into the abyss, the first cowboy said, “Well, I’ll be darned. That’s one heck of a hole. Can’t even see the bottom. Wonder how deep it goes.”

The second cowboy chimed in, “I reckon we could figure that out. Let’s toss something in and see how long it takes to hit the bottom.”

Spotting an old saddle nearby, the first cowboy suggested, “How ’bout we use this saddle? It’s seen better days.”

They hoisted the saddle, walked over to the hole, and with a synchronized countdown, tossed it in.

As they waited for the distant thud, they heard a commotion behind them. Turning around, they witnessed a herd of rabbits scattering in panic.

Confused, the second cowboy remarked, “Well, ain’t that strange. Wonder what spooked ’em.”

Just then, a frazzled farmer approached, scratching his head. “Hey, you fellas ain’t seen my rabbits, have ya?”

The first cowboy replied, “Now that you mention it, we did. They went tearing off like their tails were on fire. What happened?”

The farmer sighed, “I had ’em tied to that old saddle over there. Was tryin’ to give ’em a wild ride, you know, cowboy-style entertainment.”

The cowboys exchanged puzzled glances, and the first one said, “Seems like your rabbits preferred the hole over a rodeo, partner!”

Hare-raising Hijinks in the Texan Prairie

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