An Elderly Gentleman’s Tattoo Tale

An elderly gentleman walks into a tattoo parlor and boldly declares to the tattoo artist, “I want to get inked!”

The tattoo artist, somewhat surprised, asks, “Sure, where would you like the tattoo?”

The elderly man, without a hint of hesitation, replies, “I want two tattoos – one on the inside of my left forearm and one on the inside of my right forearm.”

The tattoo artist, cautious, questions, “Do you realize tattoos on the forearm can be a bit painful? Are you absolutely certain about this?”

The elderly man chuckles, “Sonny, I’ve been through worse. Just get me what I want.”

The artist shrugs, “Alright, let’s discuss the design. Do you have something specific in mind?”

The elderly man grins, “Oh, I know exactly what I want. On my left forearm, I want a dollar sign, and on my right forearm, I want a question mark.”

Perplexed, the artist asks, “May I inquire why you’ve chosen those symbols?”

The elderly man responds with a wink, “Well, sonny, when people ask me about my tattoos, I can show them my left forearm and say, ‘That’s where my money went.’ Then, I’ll show them my right forearm and say, ‘And this is where it went.'”

The artist bursts into laughter, realizing that humor knows no age limit.

Laugh Lines in Ink: A Tale of Tattoos and Wit

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