The Peppermint Bull

Recently, we invested $2500 in a young Black Angus Bull for our herd. However, much to our surprise, the bull showed no interest in the cows; he just grazed on grass without a second glance.

Growing suspicious, I began to wonder if our bull might be uninterested or perhaps even gay – if that’s a possibility for bulls. To get to the bottom of this, I called the vet for a check-up.

Upon examination, the vet assured me that the bull was healthy but might be a bit young. To remedy the situation, the vet prescribed some daily pills. Miraculously, within two days, our bull was enthusiastically servicing all of our cows. His newfound vigor even led him to break through the fence and extend his breeding prowess to our neighbor’s cows!

It turns out, he’s become a breeding machine, not discriminating against anything in his sight. I’m not sure what was in those pills, but they seem to have a hint of peppermint

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