The Case of the Borrowed Spanner

Dave finds himself in court, facing charges of stealing his neighbor’s lawnmower.

The judge sternly says, “Dave, you’re accused of theft. You took your neighbor’s lawnmower without permission. How do you plead?”

Before Dave can respond, a voice from the back of the courtroom shouts, “He’s been borrowing my tools for years without asking!”

The judge, intrigued, addresses the interrupter, “Sir, this is not your case. Please remain silent.”

Undeterred, the man insists, “Your Honor, I’ve asked him countless times to return my tools, and he never does!”

Growing annoyed, the judge warns, “One more outburst, and you’ll be held in contempt of court.”

The man raises his hand, “I apologize, Your Honor. It’s just that every time I ask Dave for my lawnmower back, he claims he doesn’t have one!”

When Tools, Tempers, and Testimonies Collide

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