A Vet’s Hilarious Helpline

Late one evening, a veterinarian received a distressed call from an elderly woman, one of his clients.

“Doctor, help me! My two dogs are engaged in some intimate activity right in the middle of my kitchen! How can I make them stop?”

“Try picking up the male dog and relocating him to another room,” the veterinarian advised.

A short while later, the woman called again in a panic.

“Doctor, please help! I followed your advice, but he slipped from my grasp. They’re back to their antics in the middle of the kitchen!”

“Grab a bucket, fill it with cold water, and pour it on them. That should put an end to it,” the veterinarian suggested.

After another five minutes, she called back urgently.

“Doctor, this is a real emergency! I doused them with water, and they’re right back at it!”

“Ma’am, it’s straightforward. Inform the male dog that the phone call is for him and make him answer it.”

“Are you sure that will work?” she asked hesitantly.

“Absolutely. It’s worked for me three times tonight.”

Navigating Intimate Dilemmas in the Doggy Domain

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