Harmonica Serenade and Neighbor’s Bewilderment

Two elderly friends, Bill and Bob, are sharing a quiet evening, sipping on their favorite whiskey and recalling the good old days.

As the night progresses and the whiskey flows, Bill suddenly asks, “Hey, Bob, do you know what time it is?”

Bob, a bit intoxicated, grins and replies, “I have a trick for that. Give me your harmonica.”

Surprised, Bill hands over his harmonica, wondering how a harmonica could tell the time.

Bob takes a deep breath and starts playing a lively tune. The jolly melody echoes through the room.

Suddenly, a neighbor from the apartment next door shouts, “Who in the world is playing harmonica at this hour? It’s past midnight!”

With a mischievous grin, Bob turns to Bill and says, “See, my friend, harmonicas are not just for music; they’re also great timekeepers!”

Two Friends’ Nighttime Delight

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