The Playful Purchase

Approaching the hardware store’s paint section, a young man said to the saleswoman, “I need to buy some paint for my shed. How much does it cost?”

The saleswoman, playfully, replied, “Well, it’s a unique pricing system here. It’s one hug per gallon.”

The young man chuckled and agreed, “Sure, why not? I’ll take four gallons.”

With a grin, the saleswoman handed him the paint cans, and the young man, looking slightly mischievous, said, “Actually, my girlfriend will handle the hugs.”

The saleswoman laughed and gestured towards an elderly woman browsing nearby, “No problem, she can collect the hugs!”

And just like that, the young man strolled away, leaving the elderly lady with a handful of paint cans and a baffled yet amused expression on her face.

Grandpa’s Unexpected Fabric Fiasco

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