Fatherly Bar Adventures

After stumbling upon an article about fathers and sons, memories flooded back about the time I decided to introduce my son to the world of beverages.

So, we ventured to our local pub, a mere two blocks from home.

Optimistically, I ordered him a Guinness. Alas, he wasn’t a fan, so I graciously took care of it.

Thinking perhaps the taste was too robust, I got him a Worthington’s. To my dismay, he rejected it, and once again, I came to the rescue.

Hoping for success, I thought a local lager might suit his palate. Nope. I ended up savoring that one too.

Undeterred, I considered something sweeter. A Woodpecker cider was the next attempt. Shockingly, he dismissed it, leaving me no choice but to polish it off.

In a last-ditch effort, I went for a single malt. He flat-out refused. What’s a father to do but take one for the team?

By the time I acknowledged that my son simply didn’t fancy the art of drinking, I found myself in a tipsy predicament, struggling to push his pram back home. The quest for the perfect drink turned into an unintentional bar crawl of parenting proportions!

Introducing the Art of Beverages to the Next Generation

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