Greased Gunslinger Guffaws

In the heyday of the Wild West, a young gunslinger aspired to become the fastest draw in the world. Practicing tirelessly, he knew there was room for improvement and sought the wisdom of an elderly gunslinger known for his legendary speed.

Spotting the old-timer in a saloon, the young cowboy offered him a drink and shared his ambitions. “Could you give me some tips?” he asked eagerly.

The old man observed him and remarked, “Firstly, your holster is too high. Tie it lower on your leg.”

“Will that truly make me a better gunfighter?” inquired the young man.

“Absolutely,” assured the old-timer.

Following the advice, the young man stood up, swiftly drew his gun, and shot the bow tie off the piano player.

Excited, he asked for more tips. The old-timer suggested, “Cut a notch in your holster where the hammer hits. It’ll give you a smoother draw.”

“Will that enhance my skills?” questioned the eager learner.

“No doubt about it,” replied the old-timer.

After implementing the suggestion, the young man shot a cuff-link off the piano player with unparalleled speed. Pleased with his progress, he eagerly sought another piece of advice.

The old man pointed to a can of axle grease in the corner. “Coat your gun with that.”

The young man applied the grease, seeking clarification, “Will this make me a better gunfighter?”

The old-timer smirked, “No, but when Wyatt Earp finishes playing the piano, and he decides to teach you a lesson, it won’t hurt as much if your gun is all greased up.”

The saloon erupted in laughter, and the young gunslinger realized that becoming the fastest draw wasn’t just about speed but also about having a quick wit.

A Wild West Comedy of Speed and Wit

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