The Detective Trainees and the Unusual Suspect

A trio of aspiring detectives, Jake, Benny, and Charlie, were undergoing a suspect recognition test by a seasoned policeman. The officer showed Jake a picture for 5 seconds and then hid it, asking, “How would you recognize this suspect?”

Jake confidently replied, “Simple! We’ll nab him quickly because he’s got only one nostril!”

The policeman sighed, “That’s his profile, for heaven’s sake.”

Undeterred, he turned to Benny and presented the same challenge, “This is your suspect, how would you recognize him?”

Benny chuckled and said, “Piece of cake! He’s a cinch to catch because he’s got only one eyebrow!”

The policeman, frustrated, snapped, “Are you two serious? It’s a profile picture! One nostril, one eyebrow—it’s not a guessing game!”

Growing more impatient, the officer turned to Charlie and warned, “This is your suspect, think before you speak.”

Charlie studied the picture attentively and then confidently stated, “Well, Officer, the suspect must wear Velcro shoes.”

The policeman, baffled, asked, “Velcro shoes? Why on earth would you say that?”

Charlie grinned, “Easy deduction. He can’t wear regular laces because he’s got only one nostril and one eyebrow!”

The policeman, amazed at the unexpected twist, decided to check the suspect’s file. Sure enough, the suspect did wear Velcro shoes. Bewildered, the officer returned to the trio.

“How did you come up with that?” he asked.

Charlie chuckled, “Well, he can’t tie shoelaces with only one nostril and one eyebrow, can he?”

Unconventional Observations in Suspect Recognition

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