The Sky-High Surprise: A Carnival Adventure

At a small town’s annual fair, a man overhears a conversation between two locals. They’re talking about a legendary carnival ride called “The Ejector,” known for launching people into the air at incredible heights.

Intrigued, the man decides to give it a try. As he approaches the ride, the carnival operator warns him, “Be prepared, this ride is not for the faint of heart!”

Undeterred, the man climbs aboard and braces himself. The ride starts, and true to its reputation, it catapults him higher and higher into the sky. The man is exhilarated, enjoying the adrenaline rush.

As he reaches the peak of the ride, he spots a man in a passing hot air balloon. Excitedly, he yells, “Hey, how’s the view up there?”

The man in the balloon shouts back, “It’s fantastic! But I must say, your parachute is not opening!”

The rider, now panicked, looks around and realizes he forgot to put on a parachute before boarding. He frantically starts waving his arms and yelling for help.

The carnival operator, noticing the oversight, yells through a megaphone, “Don’t worry! This ride comes with a built-in ejection feature. Just pull the lever on your left!”

Relieved, the man pulls the lever, and to his surprise, a parachute deploys. Slowly descending, he lands safely back on the fairground.

As he catches his breath, the carnival operator approaches and says, “That’s a first! Most people forget to bring their lunch, not a parachute!”

The man, still recovering from the experience, laughs and replies, “Well, I guess it’s always good to be prepared for unexpected heights!”

When The Ejector Ride Takes Unexpected Turns

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