The Memory Mix-Up: A Tech-Savvy Tale

Bob, a senior gentleman, pays a visit to his doctor with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Doc,” Bob says, “I’ve been having some issues with my memory lately.”

The doctor, concerned, says, “Let’s get to the bottom of this. I’ll check your ears first.”

The doctor examines Bob’s ears using an otoscope and soon notices something unusual.

“Bob,” the doctor says, “it seems there’s something stuck in your ear.”

He carefully removes the object with tweezers and, to his surprise, it’s a small USB drive.

Bob squints at the USB drive, then looks at the doctor with a grin and says, “Doc, can I use your computer real quick?”

Puzzled, the doctor agrees, and Bob proceeds to plug the USB drive into the computer.

“Why do you need to use my computer?” asks the doctor.

Bob chuckles and replies, “I need to remind myself where I saved my memory files.”

USB Drives and Unforgettable Surprises

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