The Unusual Bargain at the Beach

On a sunny day at the beach, an elderly man approached a young woman relaxing in a bikini.

“I’d like to feel your breasts,” he boldly exclaimed.

“Get away from me, you crazy old man!” she retorted.

Undeterred, he persisted, “I want to feel your breasts, and I’ll give you twenty dollars.”

“Twenty dollars? Are you nuts? Get away from me!”

Undaunted, he increased his offer, “I want to feel your breasts, and I’ll give you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.”

“Absolutely not! Get away from me!” she firmly stated.

Unfazed, he raised the stakes again, “TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.”

The woman paused to consider, but quickly regained her senses, firmly saying, “I said NO!”

With determination, he proposed an even higher sum, “FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS if you let me feel your breasts.”

She hesitated, contemplating the sizable amount of money. After a moment of thought, she reluctantly agreed, “Well, okay… but only for a minute.”

She loosened her bikini top, and as both stood on the beach, he eagerly slid his hands underneath and began to feel.

“Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god…” he exclaimed repeatedly while caressing her breasts.

Curious, she asked, “Why do you keep saying, ‘Oh my god, oh my god’?”

Continuing to feel her breasts, he responded, “Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god… oh my god, where am I ever going to get five hundred dollars?”

An Old Man’s Peculiar Proposal and a Beachside Dilemma

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