Falcon Fun: A Raptor Bird Riddle

A seasoned sailor walks into a tailor’s shop for a new uniform and mentions to the tailor that his chest is so sunken from years at sea that it’s hard to get the perfect fit.

The tailor thinks for a moment and then pulls out a small anchor.

“Here’s the solution,” says the tailor. “Just wear this anchor under your shirt. It’ll help stretch your chest out, and I can tailor the uniform to fit perfectly.”

After the fitting, the sailor is delighted with the results.

“Wow, this uniform fits like a glove!” he exclaims.

As he hands back the anchor to the tailor, the sailor gets curious.

“This anchor did wonders, but what if I had accidentally swallowed it?” he asks.

The tailor chuckles and replies, “Oh, no worries! Most sailors bring it back in a few days, just like everyone else.”

Unveiling the Secret Lives and Unique Characteristics of Falcons

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