Enchanting Ikrans: Soaring into the Fantasy Skies

A guy walked into a comedy club and ordered a cup of coffee.

He took a sip and then suddenly threw the rest of the hot coffee at the comedian on stage.

Apologizing profusely, he said, “I can’t help it; I keep doing this to comedians. It’s a strange compulsion, and it’s really embarrassing.”

The comedian, trying to keep the show going, said, “Maybe you should see a therapist about this problem.”

Coincidentally, the guy mentioned, “You know, my cousin is a renowned psychologist. My sister and my best friend both see him, and they swear by his expertise.”

Several months later, the guy returned to the same comedy club.

The comedian recognized him and said, “Hey there! Did you follow my advice and see your cousin, the therapist?”

“Absolutely,” replied the guy. “I’ve been in therapy twice a week with him.”

As he took a sip of his coffee, he promptly threw the rest at the comedian again.

The comedian, wiping off the coffee, exclaimed, “I thought therapy was supposed to help!”

The guy grinned and said, “It has! Now, I’m not bothered by throwing coffee anymore.”

Unveiling the Magic – A Journey through the Mystical Realms of Ikrans

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