Sarah’s Sleep Dilemma: A Journey to the Thought Island

Sarah was having trouble sleeping every night. Her friend Emily asked her, “Sarah, why do you feel so sleep-deprived?”

Sarah replied, “I don’t know, Emily. Every night when I get into bed, my mind is filled with a whirlwind of thoughts.”

Emily chuckled, “Well, maybe you should give those thoughts a vacation. Like, take them to a thought island and let them relax there.”

Perplexed, Sarah asked, “A thought island? How do I get there?”

With a smile, Emily said, “It’s simple. Before going to bed each night, write down all the thoughts in your head on pieces of paper. Then, put those papers into a bottle. In the morning, pull one paper out of the bottle and only focus on that thought. The rest get a holiday!”

Sarah thought about it and decided to give it a try. A few days later, when she bumped into Emily, she looked much more rested.

Emily asked, “How was the thought island vacation?”

Sarah laughed and replied, “Fantastic! Now, I only deal with one thought, and the rest are enjoying a peaceful holiday!”

Discover how Sarah tackled her insomnia with a unique trip for her restless thoughts.

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