Curious Coach’s Quest

Luis Fernandez, the curious soccer coach, decided to sneak into Nantes’ training session to understand their secret techniques. Intrigued, he observed every drill, trying to decipher the strategies that made Nantes so successful.

At the end of the training, Luis couldn’t contain his curiosity and approached Suaudeau, the Nantes coach.

─ I’m puzzled. We practice the same drills, but you’re consistently leading. What’s your secret? ─ Luis asked.

Suaudeau grinned and replied,

─ It’s all in the mind! My players are sharp thinkers. Let me demonstrate.

He called Ouedec over and presented him with a riddle:

─ Solve this: “It’s your father’s son, but he’s not your brother.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ouedec confidently responded, “It’s me!”

Luis, still puzzled, realized that the key to success wasn’t just in the drills but in the players’ quick thinking and wit.

Nantes Team’s Intelligence: A Clever Football Training Story

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