A Highway Tale

A trucker was cruising down a deserted highway when a blonde in a speedy convertible suddenly cut him off, nearly causing a collision. Fuming with anger, the trucker accelerated, overtaking the blonde, and forcing her to slow down. Eventually, she pulled over, and the trucker, seething with rage, approached her car.

He yanked the blonde out, grabbed a piece of chalk, and drew a circle around her.

“If you step outside of this circle, I won’t hesitate. You stay put,” he sternly warned.

The trucker, armed with a wooden bat, proceeded to unleash his frustration on the corvette, smashing windows, knocking off mirrors, and slashing tires. To his surprise, he heard a stifled giggle behind him.

Turning around, he found the blonde trying to contain her laughter. Undeterred, the trucker continued his destructive mission, denting the car’s body and flattening it with his semi-truck.

As he admired the wreckage, he noticed the blonde on the ground, laughing uncontrollably. Enraged, he grabbed her by the hair and demanded, “Why on earth are you laughing?”

Struggling to compose herself, the blonde replied, “Well, while you weren’t looking, I stepped out of the circle THREE TIMES!”

When a Truck Meets a Speedy Blonde

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