A Quest for Eternal Comfort

A guy finds himself in heaven and is given the option to check out different heavens before deciding where to spend eternity.

He visits American Heaven first and is told, “You have to sit in a room with politicians discussing policies for an hour, then endure a singing competition judged by celebrities for another hour, and finally, the American devil gives you a lecture for the rest of the day.”

Unimpressed, he moves on to French Heaven, Russian Heaven, and so on. Each has its own version of tedious and tiresome activities.

Finally, he reaches Japanese Heaven, where there’s a long queue of people waiting. Curious, he asks, “What’s the deal here?”

He’s told, “First, they make you sit through a calm tea ceremony for an hour. Then, you relax in a serene garden for another hour. After that, the Japanese devil comes in, bows politely, and says, ‘Sorry, our torment services are temporarily out of order. Please enjoy your stay.'”

The man smiles and says, “Now that’s my kind of heaven!”

Exploring afterlife options with a humorous twist.

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