Divine Crossing: A River Tale

Jim, Bill, and Mike, three friends on a countryside stroll, encounter a wide and turbulent river, presenting a challenge they must overcome. Each one decides to seek divine intervention.

Jim, a devout believer, offers a prayer, “Please God, grant me the strength to cross this raging river.” A mystical POOF resonates, and Jim finds his limbs transformed into powerful appendages, effortlessly swimming across the river in less than an hour.

Inspired by Jim’s success, Bill follows suit with his own prayer, “Please God, grant me the strength and ability to cross this river easier than swimming.” Another magical POOF, and a canoe appears before Bill, allowing him to paddle upstream in under 30 minutes.

Observing the outcomes, Mike, pragmatic and quick-witted, decides to approach the situation differently. “Oh God, grant me the strength, ability, and intelligence to cross this river in the easiest way.” Yet another POOF, and Mike undergoes a surprising transformation into a woman. Unfazed, she consults her map, strolls 100 meters along the riverbank, and crosses the conveniently placed bridge.

The story unfolds with a whimsical twist, showcasing the diverse ways prayers can be answered, leaving the trio with an unexpected journey and a lesson in the art of problem-solving.

Prayers, Paddles, and a Bridge of Transformation

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