Heavenly Irony: Job Search in the Afterlife

One day, a man passed away and found himself in a remarkably exquisite place, surrounded by all the comforts he had ever dreamed of.

A Man with Wings approached him, saying, “You can have anything you desire—food, pleasure…”

Delighted, the man indulged in all the comforts available to him. However, after a while, a restlessness crept in, and he began to search for the Man with Wings.

Finally finding him, the man said, “I’ve experienced everything I ever wanted. Now, I want to contribute, to feel useful. Can I have a job?”

The Man with Wings regretfully replied, “I’m sorry, but that’s the one thing I can’t provide here. There’s no work.”

The man, feeling disheartened, exclaimed, “How awful! That means I’ll spend all eternity bored. I wish I were in hell.”

The Man with Wings approached him gently and whispered, “And where do you think you are, sir?”

Moral: While we may find work challenging, the act of doing work is crucial for a healthy mind and sense of purpose.

The Unforeseen Quest for Purpose Beyond

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