Last-Minute Wisdom: A Man’s Heartfelt Wedding Advice

A man went to the doctor for a check-up, and after a thorough examination, the doctor delivered the news.

“Sir, I’m afraid you have a rare condition. You only have three minutes left to live.”

The man was shocked and asked, “Three minutes? Is there anything you can do for me, doctor?”

The doctor pondered for a moment and said, “Well, there is one thing you could do. You could try to do something meaningful or fulfilling in these last three minutes to make the most of your time.”

The man thought about it and decided to dash across the street to a florist. He quickly bought a bouquet of flowers and ran to a nearby park where a wedding was taking place.

He approached the bride and groom, handed them the flowers, and said, “I have only three minutes left to live, and I wanted to do something special. May I please say a few words?”

The couple, intrigued and moved by the situation, nodded in agreement.

The man turned to the groom and said, “Take good care of her. Cherish every moment together. Love and laughter are the keys to a happy marriage.”

He then turned to the bride and said, “And you, my dear, make sure you keep him on his toes. A little mystery and a lot of patience go a long way.”

As the man finished his heartfelt advice, he collapsed to the ground, his three minutes officially up.

The bride, wiping away a tear, turned to the groom and said, “Forget the expensive wedding planner; that was the best wedding advice we could ever get.”

A poignant tale of love, advice, and making the most of life’s final moments.

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