Spaghetti Tossing Therapy: A Man’s Culinary Adventure

A guy walked into a fancy restaurant and ordered a plate of spaghetti. As he was enjoying his meal, he suddenly flung the remaining spaghetti across the room.

Shocked, the waiter rushed over and asked, “What on earth was that for?”

The guy sheepishly replied, “I’m sorry, it’s a weird habit of mine. I can’t help throwing food when I eat.”

Concerned, the waiter suggested, “Maybe you should see a psychologist about this issue. They might be able to help you control your impulses.”

Taking the advice seriously, the man found a highly recommended psychologist and began regular sessions.

After a few months, he returned to the same restaurant. The waiter recognized him and cautiously inquired, “So, did the psychologist help you with your… spaghetti flinging problem?”

The man grinned and said, “Absolutely! I’ve been seeing the psychologist, and now I no longer feel embarrassed about throwing food.”

With that, he took a bite of his spaghetti and casually tossed the rest across the room. The waiter, now covered in noodles, sighed, “Well, I guess progress is progress, right?”

The story of a man seeking to control an unusual habit through therapy.

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