Lost in Translation: Steve’s Encounter with Intimacy

One day, God approached Steve and said, “Steve, it’s time for you and Lisa to start populating Earth. So, I want you to kiss her.”

Steve scratched his head and asked, “Kiss? What does that mean?”

Understanding Steve’s confusion, God patiently explained the concept of kissing to him.

Steve took Lisa by the hand, and they disappeared into the mountains. After a short while, they returned, and Steve exclaimed, “That was fantastic!”

“I expected you’d enjoy it,” said God. “Now, I want you to caress her.”

Steve, still a bit puzzled, inquired, “What does caress mean?”

God provided a brief explanation, and once again, Steve and Lisa ventured into the mountains.

They came back, and Steve grinned, saying, “That was even better!”

“Great job,” said God. “Now, I want you to make love to Lisa.”

Perplexed, Steve questioned, “Make love? What does that mean?”

God gave another explanation, and Steve, with Lisa in tow, disappeared into the mountains once more.

This time, Steve emerged alone, looking utterly bewildered.

He looked at God and sighed, “Lord, what’s a ‘talk about your feelings’?”

When God’s Instructions Leave Steve Scratching His Head

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