Bakery Mischief

Two broke and hungry best friends, Dave and John, walk into a bakery.

With a quick move, Dave sneakily puts three cookies into his pocket without the baker noticing.

Dave proudly turns to John and boasts: “See how smart I am? You’ll never beat this!”

John grins, unimpressed, and says, “Watch this.”

Approaching the baker, John said, “Give me a cookie and I’ll show you a magic trick!”

The curious baker hands him a cookie and John devours it immediately. “Now watch closely,” she says as she looks at another cookie on the screen.

This is repeated several times, the baker becoming increasingly suspicious, but still continues to provide more cookies for his so-called magic tricks.

Finally the baker asks, exasperated: “Where’s your magic trick?”

John wastes no time pointing at Dave and grinning: “That’s in that guy’s pocket!”

The Tale of Dave and John’s Cookie Caper

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