The Bread Negotiation at the Bakery

A guy walks into a bakery and asks the baker if he can buy half a loaf of bread. The baker tells him, “Sorry, we only sell whole loaves.”

Undeterred, the man insists, “But I really only need half a loaf!”

The baker, not wanting to lose a customer, decides to check with his manager. He tells the manager, “There’s a guy out there who wants to buy only half a loaf of bread.”

As the baker finishes his sentence, he turns around and realizes the man is standing right behind him. In a quick recovery, he says, “And this fine gentleman would like to buy the other half!”

The manager approves the deal, and the man leaves with his half loaf.

Later, the manager calls the baker and says, “You almost got yourself in trouble there, but I must say, I was impressed with how you handled it. Quick thinking is valued here. Where are you from, by the way?”

The baker replies, “I’m from Australia, sir.”

“Really? Why did you leave Australia?” asks the manager.

The baker replies, “Well, it’s either dealing with kangaroos or crocodiles over there.”

The manager chuckles, “My wife is from Australia!”

The baker, not missing a beat, responds, “Oh, really? Which wildlife reserve did she manage?”

Quick Wit and Loafy Resolutions

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